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She who reads your message then doesn’t reply, she who seems up for the crack but then never get’s back, she who expects you to chase but still wants space, she is the one to be wary of. Not the slutty dancer, the local bike, because with them you know where you stand, well clear, away from the drama. She is hopeful potential with a hint of instant catastrophe, a  mocktail with a hidden shot of absinthe, the lie festering beneath her well veiled eyes, she is everywhere, she is her who doesn’t know what she wants.


I am looking to find some lyrics to build a piece of music that will be my title piece either of an album or of my whole alias known as Noroch, which is the word of power that brings to the speaker White Fire, not any nazi, earth based racist thing, but just as it sounds white fire, that can kill the darkest foes in the magical world of Pellinor written by Alison Croggon.

Burn, through magical fire feast on the darkened spirits that dwell in my lands.

Eat their almost flesh before they ravage my lands


Cleanse the land, keep the light flowing

Tend to the corruption in our straying brothers


Hear my words of power, guide the corrupt to their salvation

Resurrect the purest, truest to the light, keep the fire burning



What goes up must come down, as with drugs, as with emotions.

Realise a beautiful high, then suffer in silence.

Even a murderer, exultant in revenge must endure the remainder in pain.

Balance is a fickle weighing scale that constantly fights against our will to be happy.

Often we are ok, this never changes much because it is balanced, we are level.

If we are given great strength but are unable to control it, we will cause damage and suffer ourselves. If we control it, we can see a gain, as long as it is hidden, we will feel the benefit from it.

I just wanted to ramble, balance is on my mind, as this weekend has since saturday night been trying to balance out, what originally was a brilliant weekend.

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Inspired again, slowly

Gotta slow down, I was given a taste but this is not a race.

Question if it’s right, not sure if this is the way onward towards the light.

Looking back, is it disappearing.


Given a taste, impatience setting in, born out of instinct

Knowing before when it was slow, it was better

Wondering if that time could have been much better, if slowed down ever more

Given a chance to test that theory, programmed to speed ahead, wish to go slow

If its mutual why wait, but if we are both mistaken, what then?


Slow, deliberate, it’s not a race, keep pace, side by side.



once again women are my inspiration, I have wrote many times about other things but women are often what sparks me, through anger, through love, friendship and lust, women drive me to express, to explore my mind, my words and my heart. Cherish them with all your heart!

Adlibbed, bank holiday weekend snooze

So I’m laid in bed for the last two or so hours, listening to reggae music, finding new tunes for my phone. Come across many good ones, artists I knew but some I didn’t. I’m drawn to write this here post on my blog, to maybe slip in some adlibbed lyrics between a little life story bringing some new insight into my life or state of mind.

Heat, emotion, lists keeping me awake, write it down, offload the weight.

Nothing but sweat dripping onto my sheets, words escaping me like nothing for weeks, the mind is closed up, the power dry, the vision clouded, gandalf screaming, you shall not pass!

Keeping it vaguely imaginary just for Ross Noble

Thanks for reading,


Summerslam Weekend

Biggest weekend of the summer for WWE fans everywhere, I myself watched NXT Takeover Brooklyn live at home with a friend, then I watched Summerslam in chunks, having just finished tonight Tuesday night GMT, I am now going to give you some of my thoughts on the weekends action, please note I have not seen RAW, however I have unfortunately seen some spoilers before I got round to watching it.

I will start with NXT, from what I can remember. Little bit mixed on the show, it was a great show, but I felt a few matches went the wrong way. I felt that Bayley hulked up too much to lose, but her winning wasn’t the best move, so yeah possibly right just not exactly how I’d have liked it to go down. Then the NXT title, definitely a great match, but I just felt something didn’t feel right, the result made sense but I thought Finn may have interfered or something may have happened to keep Samoa Joe looking stronger. The tag titles, well it was predictable but in my  opinion the best match on the card, it looks like injuries happen a lot in Revival matches, but maybe this sets up Authors of Pain to come in?

On a positive note Bobby Roode was amazing, great entrance and the atmosphere, his them tune is one of the best in the business. I must admit I was surprised Andrade hit the knees, but he did and am glad cos it made him look stronger. Austin Aries vs No Way Jose, you know they going to go again down the line but Hideo Itami, he has something to prove and I think a lot of the former TNA guys are here to push the NXT talent as well as get a piece of this pie!

Honourable mention to Billie Kaye and Ember Moon, I didn’t think this match would be worth watching, Billie Kaye surprised me, but Ember Moon, wow that move, you know the one, like a stunner but diving off the top rope to hit it. boom!

So we now have big one Summerslam! Well let me just warn you, I’ve yet to see a weekend where NXT doesn’t outshine the main roster when it comes to PPV quality. So the kick off show was a lot better than it usually is, Dudleyz vs Zayn & Neville great match, Sheamus vs Cesaro round 1, great match, this was a surprise for it to be on the main card, but let me fast forward to the main card to explain. Both Lesnar vs Orton and Reigns vs Rusev though never could be on the kick off show, didn’t deserve their spots on the main card for me, with Rusev’s injury in the 2nd to last match, then Lesnar squashing Orton in a potentially over worked brutal ending, a wasted main event when Finn Balor and Seth Rollins stole the show and Ziggler and Ambrose also more deserving of that main event spot. The New Day surviving The Club thanks to Big E and John Stewart, great angle, big positive moment for the show, but sad when it was not the wrestling on show. Nikki coming back was epic, but she isn’t that great in the ring, she looked improved, but it made the match predictable, just fire Eva Marie, shes a great heel but she can’t wrestle and red hair isn’t everything. Nothing much else to say except Jeri-KO are a great team, what a move, brilliant idea, shame we all know Kevin Owens is going  to use this to propel himself into the main event down the line, he deserves it, the guy is a great worker.

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No Man’s Sky – initial thoughts with screenshots

So finally I got my hands on No Man’s Sky, space exploration survival extraordinaire that it is, with me at the helm, first of all some screen shots of my gameplay, which will truly show you how much of a work of art this game is!

On the left was a storm, rain pattering down on my spaceship as I sat docked in a trading post. The right I plant I thought was one of the most zany things I have seen in the game so far.

I have lost count of how many hours exactly I have put into the game. I played a few hours Wednesday night, but didn’t stay on too long as I was in work Thursday. Thursday night I was on until around 1am so give or take 8 hours roughly, then Friday my new gaming chair arrived around 8.30am, giving me a full day to play it though I did take at least a one hour break for some wrestling, a shower which probably took 30 minutes, some food, so at least another 9 hours today. I am in awe by how much I am enjoying the game. I won’t deny repetition is definitely there, but you are so immersed in the  worlds in this early stage, it doesn’t mater. I think quick progression is a must for those who those who are afraid of getting bored, follow the path the game advises you to take, I have heard there will be plenty of time for more exploration later. I struggled mostly with space combat, I have never been a great flyer, when it came to gaming. I fended off some pirates after a while, following  an upgrade to my ship and I was so pleased, since then I only had one battle and unforunately lost.

I enjoy naming the planets, plants and animals but I have heard people stopped pretty quickly, I guess it will be different for everyone. I have a system for naming, where my systems have PXC at the front of them, except my 3rd one which I forgot to name PXC first, I expect to post more screenshots up when I have some really good ones. In the mean time anyone wanting to know more or check out me playing it, can drop by my stream on twitch. I hope to have more information and a more lengthy critical look at the game on my blog soon as I feel it is a good time to get my initial review out, this will be updated as the game gets updates with short bursts I reckon.

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