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Basics of ReDrum

Hi, Right my first Reason tutorial will be about the basics of Redrum, basically how to create a basic drum beat and use it.

First you need to load Reason, then load up a 12 Channel Mixer, then a Redrum machine, loading the mixer and Redrum can be done by right clicking in the empty black rack space, then selecting the relevant instrument.

You should now see….

So from here you can do a fair few things in Redrum.

  • Load a patch
  • Load a drum into a channel
  • Change various controls(pitch of drums, master volume etc)
  • Fill in patterns for the drums
  • Play the drum beat

Now I will go through the basics of using Redrum

Loading a Patch

First of all you need to load a patch, so here is how you do that…..

Find the load patch button on the Redrum, the little folder in the bottom left hand corner.

Then you will be shown a window, this will generally be the Redrum Patches location, however if it isn’t then it is simple to resolve, you can go into Reason Factory Soundbank and then to Redrum Drumkits. Then the choice is up to you, what ever takes your fancy. You can also use the arrow buttons once a patch is selected to browse through the patches in the same folder.

Once you have your patch in there your all done, later I will cover change single drums within the kit, to add more of a personal touch to your chosen kit.

Creating your pattern

Now you have your kit installed it is time to create a beat using Redrum.

This is done by filling in a pattern for each drum in the kit, maybe not every single drum will be used, it depends what you want to create. So all you must remember when creating a beat is to select the drum using the select button at the bottom of each drum channel then key in the relevant pattern by clicking on the pads at the bottom.

Simple, well there are some extra bits that might be useful to know also.

  • Hit dynamics (Hard, Normal and Soft)
  • Edit steps
  • Pattern Numbers

Now the Hit dynamics are found above where it says dynamics near the right hand side. These are useful for creating gradually building rolls.

Edit steps is to the left of the hit dynamics and allows you to access the steps of the drum pattern, this is used if you wish to create a longer pattern, a longer loop per chance. However you need to set the amount of steps first which can be done with the digital display to the right of the pattern section.

Yes as you can see also there are 8 pattern slots, here you can create eight different patterns and use them within your project.

So once you have a pattern how do you get it into the project to create say a drum track?

Getting Your Pattern into The Arrangement

This is simple, in Redrum select the pattern that you want to copy into the arrangement. Then go to the bottom of the screen where there is the whitespace for the arrangement. Here you will find two markers L and R, wrap these around the area you want the drum pattern to fill like so…..

Then make sure that in the bottom left corner the redrum is selected, once it is right click on the Redrum instrument and click on “Copy Pattern To Track”

This should then bring down the pattern into the arrangement as shown below.


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