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Today I thought I’d start a life blog, I will write about my life, try to cover things that amuse me, worry or even scare me. So welcome to my blog aand happy reading!!

So yeah I’m 22 now, still young at heart though. What am I doing with myself, well not a lot if I’m honest. Of course I ain’t otherwise why would I be up at 1am writing this, haha. Well usually I would be progressing through my EWR wrestling game, using the Arsenic Editor to improve morale because my workers always seem so ambitious. So yeah I am a music producer and I DJ, I got some shitty numark fusions and a stanton SK2 mixer that I just acquired, second hand and not ideal but now I have EQ’s to play with I’m a little happier with my home setup. Also recently acquired was some vsts from a friend, beautiful sounds to add to my current collection.

Hmm, so amusement recently, well my Wii, Mario Kart in particular. I find it quite amusing that the computer controlled karts are really good but also quite terrible at the same time. I was in 1st place and cruising they caught me with a blue shell, then a red shell and 4 past me, followed quickly by another 4 so i was in 9th place, now I don’t how on earth I did it but in maybe 10 seconds I was back in 1st place and won the race. Mario Kart well deserving of best Wii Game of Year award.

Scaring me this week, Paranoia, I have admittedly done a fair whack of drugs in my last 4 years, I ain’t been addicted, although, really MDMA or Ectstasy is something I really liked. I was never really confident still aint but my 1st time at download06 was funny to watch, I zipped about chatting to everyone, such a lightweight but I saw it as a good thing. Drugs are not a part of my personal regular intake anymore, I’m trying to get my life on track, get into work or get my DJn/Producing career up and running maybe a combination of the lot. Drugs have affected me mentally, my head is not the same, I think differently, some is good change some is bad, but it can be scary. For instance I was watching Being Human, the episode where the vampires talk about watching her house burn and see her weep n wither away. It got to me, I really felt for the character but it got me in a freaky way too, I felt like that was how I was going to die, it was going to be arson. Freaky huh….

Well I’ll leave you know with a favourite phrase to quote my grandad….

“You can have two if ya want one”

Note: This is going to be a when I feel like it blog, sometimes you might see one every week sometimes not sometimes more even, I shall see how it goes, hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to comment 🙂



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