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Latest Update April 09

Right so we are in April now, a quick look back at a few annoyances and amusments from last week or so. Referees, now no offence to professional footballers or any official on the books, but what on earth is going on in football. I have seen diving, poor decisions and favouritism on the pitch in two of Aston Villa’s matches recently, for example Liverpool vs Villa a week or so ago, the 1st goal, should not have happened, admittedly Villa were poor but they weren’t helped by the referee, whoever went down for that freekick for the 1st goal needs a slap, they dived clearly they were nowhere near the ball. In my opinion the referee needs stringing up. Not only that but against Man United this last weekend, fouls left right and centre given to Man Utd because they aint man enough to stand up properly, they dive because they can get away with it, because they are one of the top four clubs, football is fixed. I hate the fact that not only are Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal on their own up there, but Liverpool are the only team who have shown they are in a class of their own recently. Chelsea have faltered, Arsenal have been plagued by injuries and Man Utd are just lucky they have a load of foreigners in there team. Being a Villa fan I am disgusted at the F.A for not helping break this top four split, It is pointless, it’s boring, plus half the top four teams are all foreigners so how is england going to do anything in the world with all our top clubs playing non english players. Pointless should be 75% english players in all squads in premier league. Sod the money lets play with national pride!

Anyway onto another topic, Hardstyle! I am a hardstyle DJ, well I am due to make my debut at the PM Lounge in Shipley, Bradford UK on the 25th of April. Here I hope to gain the experience of DJn club style in front of a fair whack of people. I have performed live before in front of around 100 people, only for 7 minutes though and I couldn’t see the crowd and wasn’t going to be mashing up tunes made by someone else. I’m hoping not to butcher any of them and make myself more confident and skilled behind the decks. I’m a CD man, not vinyl cos its cheaper and means I can utilise Beatport, always a bonus. My question is Hardstyle, has it ruined hard dance in the UK? I have spoken to a few people, most of which say its made it better, but admittedly a few have disagreed and rallied against the dutch import. The likes of Dark By Design, Lady Dana, Alex Kidd and others, have brought Hardstyle to Manchester, Leeds and other places, but is it too much for the ravers to take? I don’t think so, bring it on I say, let’s show those dutch how to stomp!!!

My final lil tidbit, is to point out to any fantasy fiction lovers, Alison Croggon, an author I have recently discovered. I am currently reading her book “The Gift” it is the first in the Pellinor series and judging by the bookshelves in Waterstones isn’t a new series. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far, I would definitely recommend it. I am a fan of Garth Nix and David Gemmell, I also followed the Harry Potter series like a fox to chickens. I urge anyone who likes magical tales of heroism and the darkness to check her out.

On that small note, I will leave you to ponder HARDSTYLE!!!


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