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Onwards to Hardstyle with a backwards step

Hi everyone,

Right I am back, I have been practicing hard down at the local studio getting my mixing skills improved, not much success am afraid, I think I would benefit from one on one tutor in this case. Music production seems to be more my cup of tea. I’m not getting the beatmatching to be honest. Having a really poor set of cd decks does not do either. Luckily BSS let me use their facilties and as an added bonus its soundproofed, hehe, crank it up eh!

Now raring to go but if I’m honest shitting myself almost about this gig at the weekend, my first one and I know I can play live, I’ve done it before, but this is a different ball game alltogether, its not a student showcase but a charity club event. I only wish I could beatmatch at the flick of my head.

Anyway so this backwards step, well its on a totally different subject, in fact its two seperate points. Firstly and the one I originally meant was Football Manager 2008, I have recently gone back to this game, edited the game a little to stop all this debt crap for my team, then bolstered the squad with some ok players nothing snazzy, now I am with Huddersfield Town flying high in League 1. I just recently suffered a defeat to top of the league Luton in a nine goal thriller, at 5-4 i was a little disappointed not to get the point but I was satisfied with the goals. Now I am 4th I believe and looking like the mid table prediction was a load of tosh. I have just signed both Roy O’Donovan and Matty Fryatt, two very talented young players, O’Donovan had already proved himself on loan with me up until end of december so in January these two joined the squad. More on this in future blog posts!

So the other backwards step, thought of as I was typing this blog, was production side of things. I have recently given my old stuff a listen and a more recent track I made Tuck Tuck Dub, available to listen on my myspace, has been a bit of a hit compared to my other tunes, So i took a look at why, the comments i had recieved were just big ups and one particular one was about the bass. So i decided to recycle so to speak that bass sound. I opened up the reason file and another reason file and copied the tracks for the bass over, deleting the patterns of course. So away I am with a new dubstep track with the same bass as in a different track, but yeah I thought it was a good method of working.

So I mentioned my Myspace earlier, well just click here to go to it. I produce Psy, Dubstep and sometimes a lil experimental which varies between house, techno, hard dance and basic electronic. I’m always up for feedback on my tunes, I love to hear what people like and don’t like, I’m a friendly guy, so feel free to drop us a line there 🙂

Take care all!

thanks for reading 🙂


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