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Half Way Through Pellinor

Right guys, Am half way through Pellinor, book two is done, before I delve deeper into my mind and forget, Cadvan is ALIVE!!!! genius. So lets see then, Pellinor has really got me going I can’t put it down, admittedly I wish I could just to make it last longer but myself I am so impatient and want to read it all and know what happens 🙂 I had a feeling she would do some transforming of herself, wicked eh!

On another note the 2nd book inspired me to write a poem, it is loosely based around Maerad but also a sort of relation to myself too in places. So I will write it down below for those of you to read if you wish 🙂

Inspired by Pellinor Series

I feel empty, Sometimes

Reality, Escapes Me

Fantasy is my home


I am lost without possessions

Lost without books and music

Yet I cannot feel comfort in most reality


I seek to bend others to my ways

Whilst trying to maintain it is for their own good


But I long to let them go

To seem a little less self abosorbed?

To guard them against myself?

To further escape from reality?


I know so little

I am but a small pawn in some  chess game

So why do I feel so significant


There are so many things, I wish to do  or see, places to visit people to meet


Most of these I doubt I will achieve


For I am weak



So that is that then.

Another thing I would like to mention is my gig. I played at PM Bar in Shipley, Bradford. The gig was pretty dead but I had the experience and I am pleased of it. I had some support and people seemed to enjoy it, ideally things could have been better organised. I suppose I was fortunate not many were there as I was not on form if I’m honest, made a few errors but the night overall was a fun one so well done to all involved. Kinch were pretty good, all be it an indy style band with a strong flavour the likes of Kaiser Cheifs and Kings of Leon, generally could be the future of indy if you ask me….. big up guys.

So for now I’ll end, for the reasons to go on simply aren’t there, I can’t think of owt else going on bar, that times are hard right now, jobs are few and far between, so good luck people.


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