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FM Success and Hospital Shame

Hi again, I am back and with something to rant about. Theme Hospital, I recently was playing this classic game, remember the funny conditions and quirky gameplay? Well I was inticed back to the game and still I cannot work out how you are supposed to complete it without cheating. It is impossible, I mean impossible!!

A few things to consider then….  1st how about those handymen, they don’t have any skill, they potter round aimlessly avoiding their work, sometimes even leaving piles n piles of sick, until you pick them up and place them on the sick. If you have an earthquake, you need to quickly go round sending them to each machine that needs repairing. Same with overuse to be honest, but if you get two earthquakes in a row, well thats’s it. No chance, handymen or doctors prepare for death. Why? Did Bullfrog and co even test this game properly? Stupid earthquakes. 2nd Epidemics what the fuck is the point in having all patients vaccinated if they all get another epidemic straight after that. The patients don’t immediately get taken to be vaccinated they waste time going elsewhere first. Not only that but you should be able to do a lot more, I say a new game should arrive, Theme Hospital: Royal Infirmary, a british based version of the game with no earthquakes. Also include the pregnancy condition that I have heard of and maybe add a few more, Hospital Tycoon may be a good source of inspiration combine the two and that would be an awesome game, oh and one other thing patrols for handymen who sweep up, much better idea than this crap system already in place 🙂


On another more happy note, Football Manager 2008, I have successfully managed with a little help from my database editor to get Huddersfield Town into the Championship. I even won both the League 1 title and the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. I overcame the mighty Doncaster in the northern final to face a very lacklustre weak Wycombe Wanderers. Well, how did you do that? I hear you ask. Simple I cleared all debts, this was because I don’t think the game should be about money on such a level. Then I brought Isiah Osbourne on loan from Aston Villa(my favourite club). I brought Clyde Wijnhard and Marcus Stewart back as cover, these changes done before I started. I think I may also have made some changes to the player stats for some of the players but only minor ones. Then I started the game.

I achieved this great level of success, by using the CM Frenzy training schedules, which I must say I like. I am getting better results with my players from these schedules although a few players are moaning about high workloads but I am improving almost every player. Worthington is one of my best players, the captain and driving force in the team, even if he is a little dirty. I personally think referees have a problem with him but oh well. Now transfers was a key point with Osbourne with me until the end of season, I loaned a striker/winger in Roy O’Donovan from Sunderland. This guy was on fire whilst on loan with us. Due to this I signed him but he lost his form. I signed Gary Doherty from Norwich and Adam Eckersley from Man Utd, this filled my defence out, an area which was a little problematic. Up until christmas I was doing ok then found myself pushing for promotion just after a rise in form. I knew however that I was lacking the strength up front with Wijnhard being a poor cover, so I bought Matty Fryatt, yesa big hit on the game,  for £2m this was I thought a big result for town. Now personally, for me he still needs to impress even now after the title and cup win, he scored less than my back up striker Cademateri, so I’m a bit disappointed he cost me a lot. That aside, I managed to pulled out a big double and move on to the championship. Although Osbourne will not be with us, I have booked an attacking midfielder in Nastja Ceh. I expect big things from him come the new season. Marcus Stewart was an early casualty and was sold early on in this 1st season to Cheltenham. I now believe that was a good decision although maybe I should have tried to sell Wijnhard instead who is not even scoring in the reserve team.


So with that aside people, feel free to comment, I’m only getting spam at the moment and it is kind of annoying. Take care all and til the next time! 🙂


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