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Right, I am back again, this last week things have been rather uplifting. I have been productive on not just the music production side, but on the personal side of things too. I have been getting to grips again with ableton, I have been more motivated to sit and play around with sounds and get tunes together. I have been seriously considering getting together with other like minded music production enthusiasts to enhance mine and their skills, along with our music. I found a new desire to teach people about music. I believe I will play with Ableton more and try and find some tutorial inspiration for my Ableton and/or Reason.

I have been thinking a lot about personal development, psychologically, mentally and in a career focused sort of way. I recently applied for a job, a CV and covering letter was requested, now my CV was as usual upto date and shows off my qualifications and I feel my refusal to give up after leaving university deciding it was not for me. The reason I mention this is because I wrote this covering letter and had my parents check it over, they were impressed. My mother commented “I couldn’t write anything that good” claiming “It’s an A grade students style”. Now it may seem like I’m blowing my own trumpet, but this is someone, who has taken a fair whack of recreational drugs. I am not ashamed of it, but I am not proud of it either, I wouldn’t change it, I enjoyed a lot of it and most importantly I learnt a lot from my experiences. It has changed me, some of these not good but I believe sometimes you have to sacrifice things and do things you shouldn’t, make mistakes in order to find out what makes you tick, who you are and what you want to do. I would never have gone in my direction without drugs so I wouldn’t change it. Another point about this job application is I am unemployed, a musician not quite entered into anything solid but I am devloping. I am a talented individual with a range of skills, this climate sickens me, our job market is terrible, I get responses from prospective employers saying “80 applicants, sorry you were unsuccessful” with no real reason of not getting the interview. You need two years of experience in most jobs to get a chance, what is any young person supposed to do. Well I don’t really know, I’m just volunteering one day a week to gain experience and my spare time I spend making tunes and practicing my mixing, I will end on one final political note:

FUCK THE SYSTEM! It is wrong, we all know it. Rise up and claim back our world. I do not condone breaking the law but why should we not have a say in our own system, cos let’s face it we don’t!


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