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Recording Your Arrangement

Hey there, this is a tutorial, on how to record your arrangement. I have been asked to show you how to record an arrangement. A simple process and for this I will be using one of my own projects called TechHouse. You can use whatever you wish. The skills are easily transferrable.

Right so you should have your arrangement something similar to that I have below.

image of ableton workspace

image of ableton workspace

So as you can see there are various things we need to look at. On the right hand side, there is a list of the scenes, yours may be just numbers, I think that it is best to name your scenes to help you navigate when recording, for example if you come back to a project after a while its easier to get back into it. It can also help break your arrangement into segments, breakdowns, builds and main sections.


o recording….. First of all I would advise you to practice your arrangement maybe write it down and follow it but you can always do repeat the recording after deleting the first attempt if you are not happy with it. So lets get started.

transport bar in ableton

transport bar in ableton


e you will see the transport bar, if you have any clips or scenes playing, stop them now, this will give you a clean slate to start with and make sure that the you also press the stop button in the transport bar. Then we can hit record, that is the black circle on the transport bar. Now this is where your own creativity comes in to its own, start your arrangement playing it as you want the track/song/mix to sound. playing scenes in what order you want to, tweaking any effects you may want to add if you can, everything will be recorded.

Soon as you start the the first clip.


scenes list

Trigger each scene in the red area show above and away you go.

That is about it, although I must mention that when you are done to stop all clips and then use the stop button on the transport bar mentioned earlier aswell to stop the arrangement.

From here you can then go into arrangement view. Just above the scene  list there are two buttons, to switch between arrangement view and session view.

Once in arrangement view you can then simply press CTRL + A to select all the arrangement. This means you will not have a long silence after the end of the track.

arrangement view

arrangement view

Above shows the arrangement view with the recorded scenes. As you can see  i) shows the view and where all the clips are held the yellow highlight is what is selected( this is what we will export to audio file shortly) and ii.) shows a sort of minimap of the whole recording done, allowing the user to scroll through to view the various bits of the arrangement you recorded. Finally iii.) shows the bars of the track this may be useful for working out the arrangement, whether it fits into the style you want to achieve, keep an eye on your timing etc.

Also another thing to note is that the bottom of arrangement view contains the time of the arrangement in a similar format.

So from here where do you go? Well that is simple, you go to file…..  export audio/video…. and you should see a box like this.

exporting audio box

exporting audio box

These settings are what I use, WAV is the file format I would stick to, as this can be converted into MP3 if needed to compress the file size. For this I recommend getting hold of a copy of SWITCH, it is free and very handy, although it will ask you to register or purchase but I haven’t bothered as of yet.

From here you will be ask to save the file, giving it a name and an appropriate location. I highly recommend storing all your wav file in one folder, maybe “Project Wav Files” to keep them organised and if you decide to compress them a separate folder for “Project Mp3’s” maybe?

So that is that you should have just recorded your first live track/song/mix and can show it off on myspace or just on cd to your friends.

Keep the tunes coming people, MUUUZIIK!!

Any Problems Just Contact Me.

have fun!


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