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The Pellinor Series

Well, I have finally finished the final book of Pellinor. I must say it is one series of books I will never forget. A true masterpiece of teenage fiction. Yes I was gripped from start to finish.

 The characters were intriguing and I could easily relate to some of them. For instance Cadvan a bit of a split personailty with his dark and surely isolated side and also his friendly light warmer side. Maerad was a true underdog of greatness that rised from that as the most worthy and tresasured bard in the book. Hem was a character I could definitely relate to, he was lonely, which i’ll be honest I’ve been through that in my time, but most of all I think I related to him in his appetite and love for animals.

The Elidhu side of the book, I found enchanting, if we think about it closely the whole series was not just centred around Maerad but around them too. The mountains and trees coming to life to help or destroy bards was an addition of great worth. I was a little disappointed that Nyanar did not get a line at the singing but I am much pleased with their input in the story. It added another dimension to a basic good vs evil tale.

One thing I would like to see, although I doubt that it is possible, is a spin off series, maybe some short stories of the journeys Maerad and Cadvan have, maybe even some of Hem’s healing skills. The series was fantastic and even if we don’t get more short stories or spin offs, what we have had I’m sure all will agree was well worth the time it took us to read! Well Done Alison Croggon!


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