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The System, it sucks yes??

Hi there readers,

Right I am just going to have a little rant today because I am well and truly pissed off with this stupid system. I have recently been forced onto a New Deal Gateway to Work course through the lovely Job Centre. Haha what a shambles. I do believe there are 20 learners on the course, with six pcs between us and a fair whack of papers to give them some credit, I don’t see how we can all stay productive. At home I have my own PC, admittedly it can mean I get distracted, but that is what keeps me going, fun.

I do not see why everyone should have to go on a 2 week course to do job search, either things should be for people who fail to do an adequate amount of job search or people who need the equipment provided. It is necessary for everyone to be able to use a computer, six PC’s is not enough. Fair enough some people can be using the PC and others using the papers but I personally would benefit from having a PC all the time. I prefer to print things not hand write them. My handwriting isn’t the best and I have  seen a very limited supply of jobs in the newspapers recently.  The papers that are available are many, but to be honest most of them are a little useless for me, the  big one full of jobs is mainly for jobs in South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire and Lancashire, just to be honest not close enough to me for me to commute to, I will travel almost anywhere in West Yorkshire with some other places aswell, but this is getting ridiculous.

The economic situation in this country is terrible, there are some jobs but not enough. I have had several letters in reply to job applications stating there were over 80 applicants for the jobs im going for.  Another thing about this course, I was volunteering gaining experience in the field of work I would like to work in, but now I have to stop because the government thinks it is best for me to sit and do basic maths and english along with some job search which I could do on my days off and find as I had been doing 5+ jobs a fortnight. So why is it deemed more beneficial for me to be in a room with 19 other job seekers looking at papers for jobs miles away that I cannot commute to, sharing  six pcs between us, when I could be at home progressing with my music, enjoying myself and job searching, promoting my music, developing my writing skills etc. I mean I am educated, I have A-Levels, I blitz tests like literacy and numeracy basics getting 100% maybe they should look at my CV before they state wasting my time.

I have now lost my time as a volunteer because of this system, I have also lost my careers worker somewhat because all my time is taken up by sitting in this poxy centre doing naff all but listen to basic tripe that I already knew over two years ago. I deserve better than this. What is worse is that I was also told I could not return to New Deal for Musicians because you can only do that once. A music career takes a lot to build, if you have your heart set on it your mind is clearly needed to be focused on it, but far as the job centre is concerned oh no, you must sit in boredom central for 13 weeks even if they have already proved they can’t get you a placement, they are useless, the whole system is fucked up, we can’t do nothing about because we are all in little units, noone is united, there are little cliques of people out there that want to  change things but a few people cannot make any difference because the majority is still blinded by the lies of all this politics, false promises and shoddy schemes that fail time and time again. I am a clever man, I have proved myself to be trustworthy in employment and yet I am told I cannot be found a placement, poppy cock its just laziness, get working, before I file to take your jobs slackers! I want to work, earn money but I’m too busy following the governments train I can’t do anything!

Bah hopefully a lighter reading next time thanks for reading 🙂


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