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Hey there I thought I’d write about my directions, musically and where my creative side is showing itself this last month or so, mainly because  I am finding it a little interesting and to see if anyone has any comments to make.

Well musically things are, moving slowly, but I suppose I can’t really complain as I am churning the ideas out. I’m just lacking in finishing touches. I’m finding creativity is a breeze, I enjoy it I thrill upon coming up with new ideas but moan and groan when it comes to putting things into action, ok maybe I’m a little lazy, but there aint much to cheer about in this downturn world at the moment.

My creativity and my gaming is all that I have, yeah admittedly its not all that I have but its the main focus I have and it sucks when your enthusiasm for it wanes. You go through life wondering why me? why am I not into this? I love this. Well luckily for me sometimes I can ignore these bouts of downtime and switch my mind into a different creative mode.

I have recently started getting ideas together for a book. It is only in the “ideas” stage at the moment with a strong focus around settings and the basic plotlines. I don’t even know if I would continue with it into a full story or what I might do. I just enjoy thinking about possible stories and writing a few ideas down, suppose its another of my creative muses.

So another muse I found I have picked up on is my remixing, for those of you who don’t know I am a producer and in a way a DJ, admittedly I prefer my producing side, but I like to be up there live mixing my favourite tunes too. I suppose you could say I like the attention and the buzz when I know people are enjoying dancing to what I am doing. Well I have recently done a mix for a friend, wasn’t completely finished and I’ve put it on my music profiles for people to hear, but it’s got me thinking I like the sampling of vocals, playing around with bits other people have made. So I’m doing another remix which I’m hoping they will prefer and add to their myspace page, they are pretty dark vocals and I enjoyed the sounds too, they are Volatile Gentlemen, from the North UK, probably all from the Yorkshire area in some way.

So remixing yeah, I am at the moment trying to do a michael jackson remix, I know jumping on the band wagon and all that. To be fair though I was a fan, I won’t say big, because I’m a bit miffed at all these people who said he was weird and they weren’t much of a fan and now he’s died they are all like oh no hes dead he was so talented. Anyway so yeah I’m doing a remix of “Beat It” hoping it will be slightly psychedelic with a hard edge to it altho it could be quite broken too. I am also as I mentioned earlier on another Volatile Gentlemen remix, but the most fun project for me at the moment has got to be the South Park stuff I am doing, I found some samples online and I am hoping to show off some of my skills with music by using these. I have heard some South Park samples in tracks and to be honest it is comedy value at its best. I just want to give all South Park fans a little something extra.

Well I wanted to say something specific and I have totally forgotten what that was now, so I will leave you with my links and hope that you all enjoyed the read.

DJ Pixc

feel free to add/comment I don’t bite and b nice to chat to some new people out there! Take Care all.


One response

  1. Maxine

    you should start writting a book, be good. As for your music keep it up, its coming along very nicely 🙂

    July 12, 2009 at 9:18 pm

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