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Sampling with the Sampler

I thought I would do a tutorial on how to use Sampler in Ableton Live as I have been using it recently and think it might be nice to show people how you can use it more efficient.

Basically the topic I want to show you is when you have a reasonably big sample and you wish to take multiple samples from it. Put simply, sampler allows you to make multiple different samples from one piece of  audio, for example I will be using a Family Guy sample of Herbert singing. I am not suggesting the samples I pick out be used I am just demonstrating the technique.

So first of all you need to load a sampler and load in your sample by dragging the audio or live clip into the sampler. Once you have done that things should look as follows….

full sampler

So from here you need to select if not already selected the zones panel which should allow you to view the samples you have within this instrument. The screen will be located above the sampler, below the main view as follows…


As you can see from this screen here both Root Key’s, denoted by the little R are at C3, which means that both samples normal pitch is at C3, if a key of lower value is played it will be played at a lower pitch,the same in reverse for higher. Also both samples are spread all the way across the keyboard. This means they can be played at much lower and higher pitches but it allows for less samples to be used.

We do not want two samples to play at the same time, so we need to change one of the root keys to suit this. Below is where we do this…

root key

As you can c the root key for each sample is C3, for this tutorial I will be changing this to B2, but that is not all we need to do. We do not want both samples still playing on C3 we only want the sample to play on its root key, where it sounds as it does in the sample itself. So we can go up to the zone area and drag in the green bars for each sample.

Simple now, how do I get multiple samples I hear you ask. Well simple, you can hold down CTRL and drag the original down again to create a new sample which you can then assign a new root key to and find the right piece of audio for each sample.

You can also rename the clips using CTRL + R or right click on the sample slot and go to rename as shown below…

renaming samples


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