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Production Levels are Up!

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, my mood has been a little rocky and I haven’t been too keen to type away. I’ve come back because I would like to share the news that my music production levels are up. My quality has risen in recent months and I have been getting on better in life too. I am happy that my world is changing, things are looking up for Mr Pixc….

So production levels up whats that then I hear you ask? well since 2007 I have been pursuing my goals of making tunes and hoping to get them out there for all to listen to, I have been learning many techniques, scouring the web for free and pirate VST’s to hone my skills with and avoiding the university route I would say I have learnt a lot. I have been using Ableton as my host program and combining it with Native Instruments Massive and KORG Legacy, however my repetoire of VST’s has been expanding a lot. I am picking up new ideas all the time, looking to expand my knowledge and develop my skills. I recently recieved a comment on Reverbnation and this basically stated that my music was cheesy and I should do sound design and make it less cheesey, a matter of opinion I think, no? Well I took this criticism to heart a bit and stubbornly stuck to using presets but think again people because I did not ignore this person’s slightly harsh words, I decided to use presets but tweak them, editing them, automating filters or lower the pitch or swapping out soundwaves and adding effects.

I am not however just confident of my higher production levels because of this one change to my workflow, oh no. I have recently been shown another method of working by a one Ryan Palmer, cheers dude! This little gem was Ableton’s Arrangement view, however it is not just realising it was there that needed to move me on, it was seeing it in action. This allowed me to harness its power. I saw how to add instruments and/or midi/audio tracks to the project in a new way. I was shown how to automate long changes in any parameter over the track. This enabled me to get a set of clips a bassline and while the bass may change from a rolling bassline to single note in three sections of three different clips i can automate the pitch to steadily go down over the whole section of all the clips. Variations are to be taken to new extremes!

But that my friends is not all that improves my production levels. So with the inclusion of this new workflow I decided to move it further into new realms by adopting my old style of working, from clip view, sort of like a scrapbook and then copying the clips gradually into the newly found arrangement style view where i could make even further changes. I also have come across a new instrument, or rather found a better use and realised this instrument’s full potential, Drum Rack. Now I always saw this rack as too big and major for a simple small time bedroom producer but now its power is just so much more to me. I have worked out how to use it to still sidechain compress bass’ to one kick and add slight effect changes to single drums. The Drum Rack is now a constant instrument in my tracks. Combining it with the new skills I have learnt about arrangement view I can add in simple drum patterns easily as with any other layers and quickly make my drums sound more professional. I am also able to do EQing a lot better with the arrangement view and am gaining confidence, not feeling as scared to wreck my tracks because I am getting great feedback from my friends and internet social networking sites such as GroundZero Projects and Reverbnation. Lastly though is time, now I am not going to rave on about how much more time I am spending on tunes, because to be quite frank it is probably more or less the same as before. Just now I spend bigger chunks of time in a row on tunes, time spent on the right things, not just playing with a load of clips and then giving up because it don’t quite sound right, I’m not giving up as much, maybe it is my mood, but I ain’t sure, all i know is my production levels are rising and I hope they keep on doing so for a long time 🙂

thanks for reading and comment if u have anything to say itd b nice to hear wa people think 🙂 or leave one on one of my profiles somewhere


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