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Dubstep Promotional

Right guys, thought I’d get a quick plug for my music.

I am currently trying to focus my projects on some dubstep. This is because I have received more praise and comments for my dubstep tracks. I am wanting to get a record label by the end of 2010 as I want to feel like I am making good progress. I am currently reviewing away on GARAGEBAND, to get reviews for my own music and enter my dubstep tunes to be reviewed on there.

I am also looking to work my sounds to develop my chances of getting this record label. I am not totally throwing away my harder styles of dance music, including psytrance, as I feel my dubstep will benefit from me still hanging on to them as side projects, however I will try to focus my main time available on to the dubstep projects. Honestly my mood varies so I usually follow that.

I wanted to quickly remind people of my musical profiles, get people bookmarking them, spread the word people I am always looking for new artists to share ideas with, maybe just listen to their music and give them some feedback.  I have noticed that with certain social music sites, not a lot of this goes on but I think GARAGEBAND and GROUNDZEROPROJECTS both have some system in place that does this sort of thing. It just sometimes gets neglected because people want feedback but don’t want to give it.

So here are my profile links for anyone who wishes to add me and maybe just have a chat or swap ideas and feedback. Would love to hear from anyone who reads my blog too.



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