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Effectrix in Ableton

Hi, well just offered to help a friend with Effectrix in ableton. Well as most of you probably gather this an effects program, my friend wanted to use it but thought it could only be used in ableton with say the live functionality or rather while playing something live.

Well here is how you sort of change all that. Its simple really. First lets do it from clip view, make a clip and attach an Effectrix to that track. You will notice that effectrix looks like this, open up effectrix.

Once effectrix has opened up feel free to browse the presets or make up your own effect pattern.

Now here is the bit all have been waiting for, we can automate the dry/wet control switch this effect on and off according to each clip. we can even change each parameter slowly by automation.

To do this go into your clip and bring up the envelope section by clicking on the E in the bottom of the clip panel. As shown above. Then go to the section shown below in order to select the parameter you wish to automate.

For the purpose of this tutorial I am going to select Effectrix in the top box and GlobalWet in the next box. This is the control that can be used to gradually increase, decrease and switch on and off the effects patterm you have selected, then I will select the unlinked option so that I can keep the same MIDI pattern and extend the effect over a period of loops by dragging the loop marker out until it reaches a certain number of bars. For this simple one bar pattern I will use a 8 bar loop to get the feel of it.

From here you can now change how much effect comes through by drawing in the automation over bars.

NOTE : If the control is set as 50% in effectrix, 100% will only be 50% so always best to keep things at 100% in effectrix if you intend on automating them in ableton 🙂

hope that helps!

PS: Other way of doing this in arrangement view is very similar basically like the clip view is actually on the arrangement and draw away!


3 responses

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  2. defek2020

    hi can you control parameters in effectrix in ableton live8 when effectrix is in the master channel and controlled through another channel.i can set up midi clips to turn on effects, but can#t change parameters with envelope… any ideas

    February 1, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    • djpixc

      sure you should be able to, i’ll look into it and add another comment, possibly a new tutorial, keep you posted. Can you be really specific what you are wanting to do, what you have tried, I hate sounding like technical support but it will help me to get it right 🙂

      February 2, 2012 at 3:52 am

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