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Drugs – My intake – good or bad?

Hi there people,

I just want to clarify something personal before I go into my chosen topic for this blog entry. I have taken drugs, from the age of 18 through til 22ish. I say ish because after initially deciding to quit I decided to have a few moments of madness, where I took some more and further confirmed my belief that I needed to quit. Silly I know but you wouldn’t ask someone else to make you quit would you?

Bringing myself nicely on to the topic of the blog. The WAR on DRUGS. Now I have had the somewhat fortunate experience of having advice on hand while I was taking drugs from Lifeline. Now Lifeline, although they didn’t tell me to quit, which most of the general public would expect, they did make me aware. They told me about stuff I didn’t know, they asked me about what I knew, what I didn’t know and talked about my feelings about drugs. It wasn’t a slap of the wrist and here is how to get yourself clean. No, it was a so how do you feel about taking drugs? Why do you take drugs? Reality was I was helped to understand why I took drugs and sort of figured a lot of it out for myself.

That is what it was all about in my opinion, getting people to realise the whys and the direction for themselves. Some people like myself lose their ways because of traumatic events in their lives or just follow their friends because it seems right. Some I think would find it hard to fit in and this is an easy way of doing so, some even use drugs for their personal development.

I have found that I have developed my social skills by taking drugs, I have had people tell me, professional people from all walks that I was probably really confident when I was younger and that drugs probably made me shy. This is I can tell you is a load of old tosh! I was always a shy kind of guy, I had my few interests, mainly computer games and football when I was a teenager.
Drugs opened my eyes up further to everything, socially and personally with my future.

I was at University studying Computer Games Programming, I was enjoying it but I had a road accident and couldn’t concentrate after that, after my accident I was sat with some mates and they sort of goaded me into having a bit on a spliff, I’d never smoked and resisted it very well up until this point, but curiousity this time got the better of me, I said go on then, I failed epicly to smoke it properly, I coughed and spluttered and to be honest although I liked it, I wasn’t all that impressed with it. So that was my 1st spliff, I always get apologies from these mates saying they feel bad, but I had a choice, I decided not them.  Anyway to be honest my memory isn’t non too great these days, most of these times are a blur so I’ll skip to the next step.

My first pill came at Download Festival 2006, again a little peer pressure, but again I was curious and I was happy with the decision I made, we got some “double cherries” I had one, the effect was for some fellow festival goers I’m sure quite scary. I was zipping round hyped up talking to anyone and everyone, looking back I’m a little embarrassed but I don’t regret it. I then popped a “double cherry” every day of the festival at some point, again looking back I’m not sure why but I know more now so I guess you learn from your mistakes. The last day however I took two, I remember being at the Skindred section and bouncing away all the way through. I was loving it. My mate told me a few girls wa proper laughing at me when I was dancing but I did not care, I was a little gutted to hear later how some of them would have been up for coming back to our tent but my mate being taken didn’t mention it until after the festival. So there was my first pill, what was next?

Well I will continue this story next time as I think this is a good place to stop…….


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