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Drugs Intake – Good or Bad Part 2

Right so I’m back with part two, I left you where I had just had my Download Festival 2006, my first pill adventure for want of a better way of putting it. I came back from download quite drained, filthy and a bit miffed, because I didn’t get to see prodigy, it was full. So where was the next stop on my little journey in the world of drugs.

Well it just so happened that when I returned to my social circle back home, the next drug I ended up taking was Speed aka Amphetamines. I think the way I was persuading into taking this was a pull back on the fact that I enjoyed the “double cherries” I had taken and they had this sort of substance in them, so I should like this too. I was open to all this new stuff now, so I thought what the hey. Now I liked speed at first, the buzz it gave me was intense at the time, I liked the general talkative nature it gave me, overall a sense of confidence I think aswell. Looking back it probably wasn’t a true confidence but more fake. It didn’t really feel this at the time but as i’ve said before we learn more as we go through this experimental process, even with simple things like alcohol. Incidentally something I have still never taken to much, not a big thing for me that.

So speed was next, I had one bad incident at a friends with speed where I was a little for want of a better word, “hungover” with it. I had a blinding headache, I suppose it was a comdedown, like it or not speed has its really bad side. I hated it, I don’t think I ever took speed again after that, maybe in pills or mixed with other things until the very end of my drugs journey. In fact I had for a minute forgotten I had taken speed since then until my memory was jogged just then.

So speed was done and dusted, not my cup of tea but some of the effects I loved. Now I can tell you straight of the top of my head I know the next drugs were MDMA aka Ectstasy and LSD aka Acid. However my memory at the moment fails me and I do not know which comes first. I had a long period of taking MDMA, the pink stuff I was introduced to at a house party was amazing, I am also telling the story of the pink MDMA. I will however now go on to talk about my first experience with Acid and we shall later come back to Acid again as it has a big part to play in my writing of this blog.

So my first Acid trip, was at a friends with three other people, all of us had a tab each, to be honest although it was planned,  I don’t think this was everyones first acid trip and it might have only been mine but I felt like the only one who was well feeling it. We watched south west nine. A film based around drugs and that is all I can remember of the film as it was melting and I spent a lot of time changing positions on the sofa, watching my friends smash their heads into dominoes. My mind was racing a lot of the time, I was thinking of strange things, like how one of my friends with his fake dreads and silouhette in across from me could be likened to Bob Marley. One important thing I think to mention is that I was the only one who stuck in the main room people left it and I aint entirely sure but I think there was one point where I was left alone in the room, not really a good thing but looking back I don’t regret it, just would have done things differently if I had the time again.

To be continued . . . . .


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