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Newly decorated studio = new results

Right I’m back in the land of the world wide web, having taken a short break while my room was decorated, I wasn’t completely offline, I did manage to get on at work to check my emails, keep things ticking over.

The main thing I noticed though, was that while my PC was not connected to the internet I wasn’t as much distracted from my music production. Admittedly this week having not got the internet I traded in two old games, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 for the Wii and MK vs DC universe for Xbox360, two games that I enjoyed for a short time but now need fresh entertainment. I picked up Lord of Rings Conquest from CEX and I’m glad to say I have been enjoying it. I’m sure I would enjoy it more could I get online to play against some beginners like me and some slightly more talented ones to improve myself but anyway back to the music production.

Yes as you can tell the music production did have some part to play in my time away from the internet. I was working on a Gabber track, for those of you who don’t know, Gabber is a form of hardcore, originating from mainly the Netherlands and Germany. It is played at round 180pm usually but can be a little slower or a bit faster. Anyway I make it at around 180bpm as that is what I am used to.

Now I spent one full evening on this tune, a lot longer than I can normally keep myself attached to one track anyway. I was playing around with Ohm Force’s distortion VST, Ohmicide. Now this is a piece of kit any gabber lover must have, as I’m sure my obsessed friend Gabber-Mouth will agree. I just experimented with it and the results were amazing. I’m impressed with this one so watch this space, I might have found another niche for my talents.

Keep you posted, thanks for reading. Take care all.



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