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Facebook – “If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it”

New Layout

Yes many people have been switched to the new Facebook layout. I am I believe one of the lucky ones. I personally am sick of people tweaking things without asking. What ever happened to the “customer knows best theory”

Now first I would like to address the users who have posted on articles who say “people will get used to the new layout”. I agree people will get used to it, but reality is why should we have to? Again people will argue “If you don’t like it leave facebook” and again I will say why should we have to, I refer back to the title of this blog, “If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it” and Facebook my friends is not broke. Well actually it is broke, but a new layout isn’t going to fix the problems it is having.

So the problems, well for one some spybot application came onto most peoples accounts and started slowing everything down. I got a message from a friend indicating this problem and was shocked to find it was there and promptly sorted the problem. Still though chat is as slow as ever, if you want to play say Bejeweled and talk to someone it always causes problems, these are the things that should be getting fixed, not some stupid layout that either people don’t care about or would just like to stay still until something major hiccups and it is layout related.

Look after your customers facebook, don’t ruin a good thing!


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