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Remedy – Beaverworks – 6th Feb 2010

Well I finally made it to a Remedy event. All be it one in Leeds not Huddersfield, I made it. The acts were on fire all night, everyone seemed to be having a blast at the free entry event at beaverworks on outskirts of leeds.

I wanted to make a special mention to DJ’s Fuzzy Logic and Oly NRG, I regularly see Oly NRG at Riff Raff,  he has been on top form fora while now and it was great to see him on a different stage. I think and he can correct me if I’m wrong that he played a tune that he would never normally be able to play at Riff Raff, because Glowbones plays it, so I’m glad I got to hear that played by him too. Not that Glowbones does it worse or better 🙂 I know Fuzzy Logic and always enjoy his sets, a right character on the stage, talented and mental music. Fractal Injection also deserve a special mention I reckon, they pushed the boundaries of live music with support from Wobbly Bob and although I wasn’t always impressed and raving away, there were some really amazing parts that got me going.

Remedy are always looking for new acts, spread the word people. Its basically an electronic night breaking musical genre boundaries and helping get people into new music.

All in all Remedy was a great night, if anyone wants a good night in Huddersfield, or maybe Leeds again? Want to know more feel free to comment me or get in touch via my myspace or reverbnation and I’m sure I can point you to the right people.

pic of me

Me at Remedy

Take care and see you on the rave floor!


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