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Borderlands – Still going!(*SPOILERS*)

Hey there,

Thought I’d share my views and tips on Borderlands on xbox360, admittedly you can play it on PC, but I went for the xbox version, not too impressed at how I have to pay extra money to get online to download the expansions so I haven’t bothered, yes I’m missing out I know I will hopefully manage to play them all at some point in the future its quite cheap on the PC now and although my PC may struggle on some areas, still hoping to get it someday.

Right so what do I think of Borderlands? Well for starters I love it! First of all the idea of a sort of Tremors style “arid badlands setting to start you off, with the skags, sort of like alien rabid dog things. It’s a top game, the roleplaying shooter style of the whole thing is  unique, combined with lots of  guns, I don’t believe it has as many as it says it has but it’s still a lot. I have had since basically when it came out last year and I’m impressed, it is still keeping me going back for more. I have so far got to the end of the first playthrough with Roland, the solider and although have not yet completed the first playthrough I am happy with the game, I have gone back to play through with a different character as I am stuck on the Vault Boss. I am a little pissed off with the slow learning curve followed by this mammoth boss at the end. It ain’t fair, even with a friend I cannot beat him, admittedly my friend is a lot lower level than me, but still, I think the only way to beat him is to be super good on the game.

Personally I would have had a difficulty setting for the single player mode, that is ultimately sandbox/very easy. This would enable casual, less talented gamers to enjoy the full potential of the game. Still have the harder skilled options, it makes it more agreeable to say less experienced gamers giving novices the chance to build up to it. Anyway they didn’t so I’m stuck waiting for my mate to have come up enough times to help me with my side of the story.

I’m a big fan of the game, just wish they would bring out the expansions on a disc for xbox, as to be honest I can’t afford another monthly fee to use the internet I’m already paying for, it is unfair of microsoft to expect people to pay when nintendo and sony do not expect you to pay for use of the service.

Greedy greedy MICROSOFT!

Thanks for reading Pixc


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