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Borderlands – Siren vs Solider


I’ve been back on Borderlands playing as Lilith, the Siren, I have already played it as Roland who is the Solider and so was intrigued to see the differences in gameplay, difficulty.

So far the  game seems a lot easier with Lilith, although I think this is really more down to the fact that i’m used to the controls and the general layout of the game and enemies.

Roland’s scorpio turret is a great asset and provides a lot of benefits. However Lilith’s phasewalk is a much cooler special ability and I find it more fun to use and pleasing to watch.

Lilith’s ability to spark more with elemental weapons is something I am really looking forward to seeing more in action, as I progress through the levels. Roland was amazing to use as in later levels, against the Crimson Lance units it proves to be difficult even with the turret to hand. I was having to be a lot more tactical with my strategies. I am interested to see how much harder, as I do believe it will be harder with Lilith, this may be. Then again maybe she can spark off some big explosion in their heads.

So far I’m only at The Headstone Mine with Lilith, but I can already see some benefits of playing as a Siren.  I hope to be able to enlighten people more on borderlands in the future.


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