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Happy Birthday Riff Raff

I was at Riff Raff’s 10th Birthday this weekend. The line up was Selkirk, Oly NRG, Glowbones, PROTEUS, and Ashan Project in the main room. I’m not one for spending much time in the house room so I will concentrate on the main the room, I just had a few bouncy journeys into and through the back room,  my friend arrived later on in the night and he said it wasn’t brilliant in there and INLAND KNIGHTS who headlined that room didn’t live up to their name. So the fun I think has to be had in the main room!


Selkirk was on pretty good form, I was a little disappointed for him having played some cracking tunes in his set that he was on first, but he was on form well worth getting in early for! particularly liked the “acid acid acid acid” tune played a bit too early though methinks. Anyone got the track title etc for that I would love it comment please!


Oly has been on form for a while now, I particularly was pleased to see him keeping things going, I didn’t really catch a lot of Oly NRG as I  was in and out saving my energy for the next three acts. Being a big fan of Ashan Project and having a lot of respect and love for both Glowbones and Proteus I wanted to store some stomping for them too. Plus getting over the suprisingly tune filled set of Selkirk.


Glowbones has recently been playing Lisa Lashes – Maxwell a fair bit, before that it was O.B.I – Revolt, this set however was a pretty nice one, some quality tunes but not at his best, however he did have one very amazing suprise still on his cards, read on to find out what…


We had all been wating since christmas 2008 I believe to see this guy again. What a madhead, this guy was on fire, I was right at the front when he started, packed in like sardines next to a friend, who literally, created an invisble box of stomping room as if to say enter my space and you will get hurt haha, bless was amusing and then came the bass, woah indeed lots n lots of bass! I stomped my socks off for a good hour i reckon then had to break. I didn’t make it back to the rest of his set I was chatting to randomers and chilling out, I arrived just after Ashan Project had started. Overall Proteus was mad I heard later from a friend he was up on the scaffolding again, legend! Always welcome back!


I knew this was going to be good I’ve only ever heard one mix that I didn’t like that much from these guys, but to be honest I still thought it was ok. I was told the beginning was a bit poppy, but I think I heard it from the toilet and it sounded manic. Creative stuff guys keep it coming. The set on the whole was energetic and bouncy with a couple of madheads and some cracking visuals, as usual not something you want to miss much of. If i had a break I made sure I was near enough to hear it and if possible see it too. A top night to be had by all.


I mentioned earlier that Glowbones had a suprise for us still up his sleeve. Well his suprise was after Ashan Project had finished he took the decks and played a classic, “4000 miles on a jet aeroplane” what a tune! I had been waiting for months for him to play that tune again, legend!

Now as usual Selkirk gives the fans what they want when he can, here he may have pushed it with the venue but we all loved him for it, this was our birthday and you can all celebrate with us, or deal with it! And we bring you FIRE!!………… FIRE!! What a tune!

So yes HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIFF RAFF!! 10 Years and counting!



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