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WWE: Do we want the same old superstars at the top?

Hey everyone,

Well I have been watching WWE Wrestling since probably around the back end of 2008 or around the time the undertaker and ken shamrock were in a bit of a feud over Shamrock’s sister or something. So I have seen a lot of wrestlers come and go, but my question is this, why does the WWE always stick with the same few wrestlers and do we not deserve a bit of variety?

I bring this up because Edge has once again resurfaced as the no1 contendor, admittedly he did win the royal rumble, but still someone else could have, it isn’t like he won it because of his skills as a wrestler, it’s worked, planned out. So what I want to know is why is it that first we had Triple H winning the title far too often and now it’s Cena and Edge, don’t get me wrong I used to love Edge, with his E & C 5 second poses and his new Rated R gimmick was pretty good at first, but to be honest I’m a little confused. Edge Challenges new World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho, both of these characters are heels in my book, at least at the moment, so how does that work, there are plenty of faces who could challenge Jericho for the title, Kofi Kingston, Christian and am sure there are more but they are my two picks. Nope we have to give Edge another title shot, but wait are they turning him face?? The crowd cheered Edge, people really mustn’t like Jericho eh?

I myself am not a big fan of either so both of them must be pretty good heels. I liked Jericho more as face than I did Edge, I think Edge turning heel burnt a few bridges for future face turns. So if they do turn him face I think it’s going to be difficult although in america probably not much of a problem with how quickly americans change their minds. I mean lots of people loved John Cena one minute then within a few months hated him and then liked him again not long after, make your mind up people!

So my question is this do we not deserve new faces at the top, yeah big whoop Sheamus was the champ, now that is a new face, in my eyes too new, I mean what about Christian and just while I’m here discussing how WWE gets rid of a lot of big stars, where are these superstars that were so big, Bobby Lashley Rob Van Dam and Kennedy, I’ll tell you, other federations, well maybe not RVD yet but still, they went elsewhere because they know WWE won’t give them what they deserve, HBK and Undertaker again at WM, come on HBK, don’t throw away your career over a stupid streak!! Kennedy could have been WORLD or WWE Champ, but no something wasn’t quite right with him so cya, they booted him. If they got drug problems or anything like that then help them and keep them these are future talents not just characters in a story, lets see more than a few talented young superstars on RAW in the main event, stop pushing Cena and HBK and Taker and Edge and Jericho….



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