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Top Four Dominance

I am livid people! I am fed up of the football in the premier league, it probably extends beyond that, but really I am talking of course about the League Cup Final between Manchester United and Aston Villa, now I myself am an Aston Villa fan weird consider I am from Yorkshire but I have friends from Birmingham and sort of followed them rather than being a glory supporter and a traitor like some of my Yorkshire friends. Anyone who supports Manchester United without either being from the area or having some family or strong link is a bit off it if you ask me.

Anyway my problem is this, Vidic should have been sent off. The rules of football state that a last man, making such a stupid challenge should be sent off, we can’t allow that decision to just be allowed, the FA needs to clamped down on shoddy refereeing decisions like that. Now a lot of Man Utd fans will utter the famous it’s the referee’s decision and its final, yes it is, but anyone with two brain cells knows that it ruined the game.

My opinion is this the referee was scared, Sir Alex Ferguson is probably the best manager in football at the moment, but he needs to shut his trap. He constantly goes to the media complaining about referees, either this is italian style bribe or he has scared these officials into going easy on his team. Maybe even the FA has corrupted the major matches to help an illustrious club out of debt easier. Seriously though teams like Manchester City, Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton and maybe even Fulham though to be honest I hate the idea of another London club near the top especially Fulham, it just doesn’t sound or feel right at all. Sorry Fulham fans, you have made an excellent drive forward as all will agree but I do not want to see you in the top four.

Anyway to the top four, Chelsea are not at their best this season, I don’t like the team, same with Arsenal, not a big fan, Liverpool are ok but I don’t particularly like their chances as they have slipped up a lot this season, besides that I’m an avid anti-Manchester United guy, so really the only london club I would like in the top four is Tottenham, I’m not a big fan although I do have an old shirt, I think they deserve the chance, they play good football and this season they deserve the big finish. I would obviously like it to be Aston Villa but I think its a long shot with the strikers we have, Heskey has never been one of my favourites and Carew is good but not world class. the young english strikers are all with good merit but they need a top worldclass striker to back them up, also what is going on with Ceullar at right back, he can’t cross for toffee and to be honest surely there is someone better we could bring in on right back, well I think we need some changes that’s for sure, hopefully next year we will crack the top four eh!

Thanks for reading, Pixc


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