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Motivation – Dyspraxia the problem?

Hey guys, those who are friends may or may not know that I am living with very mild dyspraxia, to be honest five or more years ago I wouldn’t have noticed it myself. I didn’t feel like I had anything that affects me. Now I’m not too sure.

Basically the condition can sometimes mean a lot of different things, sometimes its communication related, basically finding it hard to get on with people of the same age, admittedly I did have that but it never bothered me and now I do alright. Secondly it can impair hand eye coordination . This I have seen to some degree but it isn’t too bad in my life, I do struggle with shoe laces and can find it hard when need to do fiddly work. Luckily that doesn’t happen often. The one I find most affects me, is daily routine problems, things that people do everyday or menial chore like tasks, I really dislike, the washing up being the main one, I live on my own in a nice little flat, I am ok at some certain tasks, usually I use music to help me do them but washing up is a real drag, I hate it and because I hate it, it means it piles up. This is a real downer for me and so the cycle of not doing it continues as I don’t like doing chores when I’m not in a good mood. So I slip further into the boring mundane social networking and gaming culture I love and nothing gets done, so I have a little problem here, I myself am not sure if anyone out there has the answer but I thought I’d share it and maybe people have any tips for a young lad who can’t seem to motivate himself to do the cleaning, especially the washing up.

Does dyspraxia cause problems with motivation. Or is it simply that you are more susceptible to depression and therefore when it strikes motivation is no more??

It would be a great help for me if people could talk, all comments welcome even ones stating that I am a lazy git and to just do it, might not help me but I still appreciate it, haha.

Thanks for reading, Pixc


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