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Borderlands – Secret Armory

I had my first taste of General Knoxx’s Secret Armory last night, I had to call up the services of a good friend on Xbox Live to help me get something so simple sorted. I was stuck trying to find my way into the prison. I was quite amused when I realised how simple it was to do but then again sometimes it takes a second brain to work these things out.

So basically we went into the prison did the claptrap mission and rescued Athena, all in all it was quite entertaining, the enemies are a little bit harder in this expansion, the ninja squadrons are lightning quick and the crimson units are a little annoying. I was defeating them with ease but then a Bad Ass Chemical Trooper died in front of me and soaked me with acid and I died, he had already been dead for a while but I had noticed a pack, figured it might blow up but I was too close, was not impressed.

I have only done up to getting Athena back, but I already have one tip, here it is:

Early on Marcus asks you to call in as he has some work for you in T-Bone Junction, when he does this go to him before you go get Athena, this will help you a lot. If you have played the Zombie Island expansion pack it is similar to the Braiiiiins mission, it is a simple mission but takes a long time in my book.

Anyway overall I think this is a much better expansion pack and I would gladly accept this standard of expansion pack, I accept people will probably have had some glitches and not been happy with certain areas but it’s not at all bad. The question now is, is this the last expansion pack for Borderlands?

I won’t rate it as I haven’t played it all the way through, but for those who have read earlier blog entries, here are my ratings for both Borderlands and The Zombie Island expansion pack.


An amazing concept and game all in all some great features and well worth the money. The final boss was my least favourite bit, but thanks to live I managed that.

Zombie Island – 7.2/10

It was a little short and the masses of travelling took some of the fun out of the game, but I’m sure they will learn from this.


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