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Social City on Facebook

Right well, I have recently started playing Social City on facebook, the game is sort of a little like sim city, as in you build a city, but it is a little simpler than that, you use your factories to make stuff by taking on contracts. These contracts are carried out over minutes hours maybe days later on, provide the real time element that takes up your life. However the game is also made more of a social game because you have to have neighbours to grow your city. You need certain number of friends connected to you on the game from facebook to allow you to expand your city. It is ok that it works like that but not ideal, I myself can not always convince my friends to join these games because they have lives and can’t be bothered joining in all these somewhat pointless games on facebook. I on the other hand look for these games as a distraction from my mundane life or to displace myself frequently from what I should be doing.

Anyway I am now level 4 only been playing a few days and although it isn’t my favourite app on facebook, its alright. worth a look if you like sim city and are not so into it that you will frown upon the lack of business like implementations because this is good fun for all ages if you ain’t too up yourself, think its too simple etc.

You basically build houses and leisure facilities such as coffee shops, supermarkets etc, aswell as roads and expand your city when you can. I am only a few levels in but you unlock more buildings as you go along and well overall it kills some time 🙂

From me this gets a cool 6.75/10 mainly because it can be a little boring but if you are only killing a few mins here and there its ok. Loading times are a pain tho so be warned!


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