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Illegal Downloading, New Law, The Government clutching at straws?

Right now this I have to say has really got right up my nose! I watched Panorama’s Special on the new music legislation circulated recently around illegal downloads. Ahem, get a grip like! Music is for sharing to enjoy damn it!

Now first of all I would like to make sure you all know that, I am an aspiring artist, admittedly not even got feet wet yet but I am still an artist and the internet is my home right now, as to be honest it is for various of my friends. Now I also illegal download, used to download a lot now I download a little less, generally because I do believe it is a little naughty to not support the artists. However SONY, MICROSOFT and all the other big companies for games and music and so on can get on their bikes. I heard that some wannabe superstar Mr Stryder or however you spell it is a little upset that he can’t get a handout from SONY or whoever because people won’t buy cds. Stop right there mister, people won’t buy cds anymore because people don’t want to pay £15 for an album they ain’t even sure they will like, they pay that and if they wanted to exchange it nuhuh mate, u have to trade it in to CEX for £2 at most, shocking mate, while you swan around with your bloody advance buying posh trainers and wining and dining pretty ladies, grow up mate and take that silver spoon out of yer mouth! Music isn’t about money it’s about talent and about sharing the experiences and talent with millions of people, I am a begging to reach all four corners of the globe for no money, just to reach them, because I love music. You mate love the money, the fame and the bloody cars and women!

Anyway enough about some little commercial wannabe superstar where was I? Oh yes, a little group of talented artists popular artists aswell, have gathered to fight against these stupid laws, yes stupid, because as they said not quoting but basically, people downloading music help promote them, the internet is a foundation for new talent to grow. Kate Nash built her career up from Myspace because people wanted to see her live, hell I hate commercial music, pop if you will but I think shes ok and when she first hit the scene I liked her. So here we are artists are against the laws, fans are against it.

Onto another point, these laws could mean that people can be fined without doing anything wrong. People can easily hack into other peoples internet and use it without anyone knowing it was them, I know I’ve seen it on Panorama, to be honest I know because I also can see when I connect to my internet several unsecured networks which I could rinse for internet if I wanted, truth is although I’m not certain my internet is probably faster than theirs and allows for more downloads.  One guy was billed £1000 for a track the guy clearly had never heard of, it was a german techno track from Scooter and he was like 40yr old at least, now I’m not saying he can’t be into that sort of music but I don’t think he even downloaded music or used the internet for much. It wouldn’t surprise me.

Another thing I’d like point out is basically surrounding why  have I occasionally download illegally, tv series, films and music. I love music, i love comedy and yeah the odd film or game. Personally I think CD’s, games and dvds etc, although not all of them, they cost too much. If i worked which at the moment I don’t, I would buy a lot of these. Now people will riot and say get a job! get a job! but reality is I can’t because this government won’t create enough jobs so that I have a chance at getting one. I see people who have just come out of prison walk straight into a job, I see people of all races except white males walk into a job, I have a mate who is disabled, he has a job, I know he is good at what he does, he deserves his job, but I’m a lot more talented in that line of work than he is, so  where I ask you MP’s is my job! I am a little bit of a writer and a little bit of a musician, I know a lot of things about creative media and I can do a lot of computer related jobs, I would be an asset to many workplaces, but I don’t seem to be getting no closer to a job! Give people more jobs and the music industry will be fixed quick time, not by some stupid law but by the recession being lifted by people having more disposable income!

Anyway sorry if I ranted on a bit!

thanks for reading



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  1. tom fella we are on the same page all the time my friend

    March 19, 2010 at 6:46 am

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