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New Studio, thoughts and pics to follow!

Well, my dad did an excellent job in sorting out my new desk and worktop. The room looks a lot more suitable now, speaker stands arrived in good time and I am now at 6am back in the land of the interweb. I am not feeling 100% and with it being my birthday, I am a little disappointed. maybe I just need to eat and hope for the best.

My new worktop has already given me some good ideas with how this new setup can benefit my life. I mean the amount of space I have to work with is amazing, I can probably put my entire setup, consisting of mixer, cdjs monitor and midi keyboard all with my mouse on the top worktop, with my keyboard underneath on its pullout shelf. I can even while all that is around have a nice little nap on my desk without disturbing anything. Admittedly its probably more practical to use for paperwork and for want of a better phrase “whitework space”, like white space for your work area, ha!

My speaker stands need adjusting, my dad set one of them way too high but the connections are on really tight, so I need either someone with super hands or pliers or something to get to grips with it. Hopefully I am not going to suffer anymore with the bug I’ve had, I mean come on, surely I can improve on my birthday, still feeling a bit dodgy, but it could be a mix of hunger and low energy levels, maybe a sprinkling of excitement left over from unwrapping my Dr Who book collection. I’m really impressed with my mum for that buy, I think i mentioned it sometime, but wouldn’t have expected her to remember or to be honest buy me them seen as they had forked out for a lot already, think it’s safe to say I am a lucky git today.

Anyway, thanks for reading, shall go try feed myself up and get through these cards!



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