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My Current Top Games (currently playing)

Right I thought I’d let people know what I am playing at the moment, being a keen gamer and currently just bought a few new games I’d like to first tell you what I am playing and what I’ve bought.


I am currently playing Bioshock, the original, I am enjoying it so far and would recommend it for someone looking for something new that isn’t too pricey, I got it from HMV on offer with 2 for £30, the other i got was HaloWars, a fresh look at RTS gaming that although not my preferred style is different and can be appreciated, so yeah I’m also playing that. Now that being said I have recently acquired two new games on top of that. Pro Evo 2009, yes i know its an old version but I have 2008 on the Wii, so I thought I’d check out a fresher model,  I am playing this a lot more recently as I have got back in to my football games, it’s a top footy game, but if you’re hard to please I’d give it a miss, still things to moan about in it. For instance the fouls for me are a bit off, the free kicks are still awful.I grabbed Crackdown aswell to boost my collection maybe get more gamer points. I am still playing Borderlands as I now have two of the expansions but am having a break from it for now. I’m also dabbling in FM08 as I can’t be bothered paying money to play a newer version. Sims 3 is on my pc too but I have gone off that as of late it kind of eats away at your life if you are into it.

So here are my best picks from what I’m playing at the moment.

1. BORDERLANDS – the best game I have played in a long time!

2. BIOSHOCK – Very good game, am enjoying it so far

3. Sims 3 – Although I have gone off it, can be addictive and always a place in my collection.

4. HaloWars – Seems good so far, I like the fresh approach to RTS

5. Pro Evo 2009 – I doubt it would be much better in the 2010 and I am really playing this a lot at the moment

So yeah check them out if you want before I go a word on Crackdown, it’s good just a bit basic and I haven’t got proper into it, the driving is shocking on it, although again not a big fan of GTA style games, even though this would be the very basic GTA connection, worth a look for £6 from CEX.



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