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New Dr Who, Yay or Nay?

Right folks had a long break from blogging just been working on new tunes and gaming but here is a point I want some comments on.

The new Dr Who, Matt Smith do we like him? I always reserve judgement on him and have still not got a solid answer from my head.  I like bits of him so far, the first episode was funny, something which a lot of people seem to think he is not good at, however I think that was more of a writing than acting genius.

Matt smith has a good look about him, but I am a new Who follower, I have not seen much of the older Dr Who and to be honest I am not a fan of the basic look of it, maybe its cos I’m from a different era. However I do think the stories are so not giving me enough.  I read a fair few Dr Who books and they seem more exciting. We were promised darkness and we have not had even a little darkness, a companion died but it was in a dream so he didn’t really die? WTF! I want someone to die and just die and there to be emotions and hatred for the doctor and he has to fix that.  David Tennant was amazing, I am not seeing anything amazing from Matt Smith. I do not think it is entirely his fault though.

While on the subject of creativity and the writing of Dr Who, I have never seen the episodes of old days 25mins long and over 5 to one story, but I want to, because I have been told that this 45mins slot is “killing dr who”. it “means everything has to be wrapped up super quick in last ten minutes” that is by the way from a friend who is an old dr who fan and is upset that Dr Who is being ruined.

So what do people think? Is Matt Smith a good Dr Who? Any suggestions for who should have been cast instead if you think so? Also what about this 45 minutes per episode with two parts to some stories? any thoughts people?

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