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My 1st Season as Aston Villa fm2010

The excitement builds of this unknown manager

Fans on the edge of seats

Two semi finals

The villains they are pleased

For a side once great

beaten to its knees

is now going strong in europe

and are now high in the league

Though they didn’t win anything

This was better than expected

from a new manager

from the unknown.


League – 7th (should have been 6th but everton were lucky in last few matches)

LC – 3rd round ( early exit thanks to chelsea how i always get them in league cup i dnt know)

FA Cup – Semi Final ( lost to Man Utd proud of this one as i knocked out Arsenal)

Euro Cup – Semi Final (lost to Valencia on away goals, we were unlucky to not win on home turf)

Good season all in all but somehow second season I can’t sign any players i want, so far

Van Der Vaart signed on loan for Everton

Affellay – won’t come

Walcott, Van persie, Lansbury – offers not accepted

basically i am looking for a right winger but if i can get someone who can play in centre and left aswell that would be useful, also if they are british that would be even better!


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