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Getting your KICKS!

Hey guys,

Wanted to pass on some knowledge I came across recently and added to some advice from a few small time producers for all you beginners out there. These are all about Kicks, basically just a few pointers.

1. Mainly the frequency you want them to peak at is between 60HZ and 100HZ (from Ctrl Z (breaks)) I think after testing this rule with another little tip from Tom Cosm, known as the “Sweet Spot” where you push the gain up on an EQ eight in ableton and search for the best frequency or maybe a point to slightly lift or lower in the mix, I found that to be true.

2. Basically a few friends of mine have always said that my kicks lacked depth or substance basically were a bit weak and said I should layer my kicks. I must say this always works, but it is not simple, you need to get the right kicks, maybe three, one with good high one with good low and one with a good middle, not always but sometimes it takes some EQing and maybe a little saturation to bring the two or three elements together better.

3. Ghost Kicks, this one is mainly for Dubstep, I was watching some Dubspot tutorials and I came across one in particular where the guy was working on his drums, he commented on adding an extra kick next to certain kicks in your midi pattern, this was to be low velocity(almost white in colour on Ableton) and use it to give a bit more bounce to the pattern. It works although I would say experiment with it don’t just stick to what he shows you as I found in one of my tracks that separating it a little more and making it a little louder worked better.

Anyway I hope this gives people some ideas as it has me, take care all.



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