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Connect to DJ Pixc aka Noroch

Hey guys, Noroch?? i hear you all say, what/who is Noroch, well basically, for my darker side needs a new name I think that DJ Pixc is a little too happy and funky alter ego for me, so I would like to bring myself a new name for a new flavour. That is going to be Noroch, there is a meaning behind it, if people ask me, then they will get the answer, but I’m kinda like the idea that people will only know with asking me, not a public thing although some people may be able to guess why Noroch.

Anyway this is all about reminding people of my outlets where I am and what I am interested in doing. Currently I am working on experimental dubstep mainly with psychedelic twists, but I am up for remixing if anyone wants me to and possibly being commisioned to do some exhibition backdrop music or something similar. Would be nice to start showcasing my music in a different environment. I am hoping to get people to recognise my talents even at their very early developments.

I am on facebook here, reverbnation here and my soundcloud is here!

I am a big fan of new music particularly of the psychedelic and dubstep varieties, so feel free to link me anywhere to your own stuff, I am also looking for people to collaborate with in the west yorkshire area, I have a little bedroom studio, anyone with a guitar or a  singing voice or some other instrument want to get involved with some music, let me know! Even just some spoken word with some basic background music or ambience anything give us a shout!

All  the best

Noroch aka DJ Pixc


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