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WWE games : Smackdown vs Raw! Ideas comments!

Right guys,

I’m a big wrestling game fan, I still follow WWE from time to time and now TNA sometimes aswell, but I mostly am playing the games and I have a lot of comments on the WWE games mainly.

First of all I am going to go right back to the smackdown series and to the very first to games. I loved this one thing, the rankings system. The system where you could just have matches in the system and progress up the rankings and get a title shot. The season mode was pretty awesome too. Admittedly we have come a long way from then, but this is now time to go back and look at the gameplay elements that did us good and build not forget and concentrate on graphics like all the current franchise has done mainly.

Before people get on me I thought I better mention I LOVE the new 2011 wwe game, I think the bending of ladders is particularly pleasing. The points am making though are for THQ and co to consider about now and future genrations of the game.

With SVR 2010 I downloaded a few created superstars from other users. I liked this idea but it is not done properly. I cannot edit the moves, if I think the finisher is wrong then am stumped. So what I would propose is this; First of all I thought have all downloaded user creations as editable, then I thought people might be a bit miffed if someone uploaded their creation with a few tweaks and complained etc etc. Well, basically then I thought have options to allow moves, attire entrances etc all to be changed and you tick the box to suit your desires. Also if people don’t like people editing their creations they could just not upload them. I would also love to be able to download alternate attires for wwe superstars from the game. If a superstar creates a new finisher on TV, the developers could bring them out as a new downloadable finisher.

A friend of mine mentioned that he has missed another feature and I agree, the create a belt feature. Creating a belt and defending it online is a good feature however I struggle online as some people go on with a slow connection or maybe it is me, but also some people do nothing but play it 24/7 as is the case with many other games and I’m not expert, so I think you should have a skill level system, so you are matched against like skilled opponents, I think this is a feature used in Halo online.

Anyway those are my main points for now

Fire away with any comments, agree, disagree? go ahead tell me!

thanks for reading



2 responses

  1. rasheed hassan

    can u find a way to tell the people who makes the wrestling games to make it where girls can compete for wwe titles too and let them fight boys if they want and stop making it too real and to bring chyna and x pac, trish, torrie wilson and other great wrestlers back on the game instead usual people they put on the game and to also make the stunts more dangerous like they used to do in old wrestling games and to let us roam freely in the crowd and to go backstage and other places and to actually drive vehicles and injure people.

    April 20, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    • djpixc

      if you search thq forums and other wwe game forums on the net am sure any suggestions like this would be considered, chyna maybe a legend, i think i remember filling in a form where she could be named as a legend to enter on the game, no reason why not. X-Pac will probably not feature, although many people would create him and the moves are often in wwe games so Chyna would be most likely. as for WWE Titles with women holders, maybe it would work in future time will tell 🙂

      April 24, 2011 at 3:57 pm

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