Allsorts of Stuff

Moving On


Like a match to my heart

In several different meanings

You warm the very being of my soul

And cool the fire in my belly

I am wary for the distance

I am hungry for the future

To see if I can cut the distance

And tie my arms around your waist

Words are flowing out of me like a river never ending

I know of nothing that can stop them

So I just keep on writing

Keep on writing, Keep on writing, Keep on writing.

I do not understand any of this

The feelings are not new to me

But because I hardly know you

I find it hard to believe

This piece is rather structured as I look back up its cliff

Not like my other work

Its sticking to some plan

Made by another hand

Have you instilled this change in me

Or was it already beginning

A new way of working

Forming for a new beginning

Emotions are running high

The stress is leaving me now

I am moving on

Just like others do


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