Allsorts of Stuff

Dyspraxia and Me

  I have a problem that is ever so slight

A little tiny difference between you and I

It affects my mind and affects my eyes

I ain’t as quick as you might think with joining up the lines

A pointed star I might struggle with

But with numbers and words I’m good

Less is to be said for the confidence in me

It rarely shows its face and when it does I’m scared of it

It got me in to trouble when I was a little boy

I don’t want a repeat of that, not now I know better

My condition disrupts my daily life

I struggle to unlock my door

I even think it adds to me paranoia, about the bugs that might lurk on my floor

My mind is weaker and I am often affected

By depression and anxiety worse than someone else might be afflicted

I suffer from stress and have since college

But I carried on and gained even more knowledge

If I look now at what I have done

Besides fucking up and having some fun

I’ve done really well it has to be said

The only thing left is to earn my own bread!


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