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Villa Football Manager latest, My story

Right well, I thought I’d write a bit about my football manager save on fm2010. I am playing as Aston Villa, I’m currently in my fourth season, top of league just ahead of Liverpool and Man City, I don’t know which is above the other. Interestingly hitting January transfer window a few palcings for you within my game to joke about or cry if you are a fan. Firstly Manchester United are 8th behind Sunderland who are in 4th and Everton in 7th. Then look at poor Chelsea in 15th with only Bolton Fulham and Stoke from original teams of the premier league below them, bliss! My dream with this game would be to see all original premier league teams except myself relegated!

In my 1st season I consolidated my position as a european footballing nation doing well in the Euro Cup and securing a return to it the following year. I strengthened my sqaud a little aswell.

In my second year I won the Euro Cup my first trophy! After that I was raring to go having finished 2nd in the premier league, I was happy with my progress so far but I wanted to mantain improvements and Champions League Football was a good way to do this. I had to think about domestic cups though, I wasn’t doing well there.

Third Season and this was it, I won the premier league, I kind of dominated the league this season I had a really strong run and found myself well clear heading into the final few games, but Man City caused me some stress towards the end, Champions League football was well earned and I made it to the semi final, losing out to Barcelona after holding them to a draw in the first leg and crumbling 5-0 in the second.

So now is the fourth year, I am doing well in the league, had a bad group stage but pulled through and am to face Udinese in the first round of knockouts. I am just about play Newcastle away in the FA Cup after beating Eastbourne 3-0 at home, bit disappointing but it’ll do. I am hoping for a win against Newcastle who I hammered 4-0 only a few weeks ago!

Hope you enjoyed the read, thanks



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