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Night Watch and Day Watch review! – *spoiler ALERT*

Right, I am going to talk a bit about Night Watch and Day Watch, but first this is what I did, I read Night Watch, then I borrowed Night Watch and Day Watch dvd’s off a friend, much appreciated even though they had only seen the first one. Personally I wasn’t sure if I should watch the second til I’d read the second book. However as it turns out the second film is said to be based on the latter stages of the first book, based around the chalk of faith.

Now for those who know nothing about what I am talking about here is a breif overview, its a series of novels, the first one being the only one I have read so far, follows Anton Gordetsky, as the main character, a member of the night watch, the basic idea is he isn’t very powerful, it seems though that the “great” ones are very closely linked to him. Svetlana is the Light “great” one in the film, with the Yegor being the “great” one for the dark. This is where the books and the film seem to be at odds. In the books Yegor’s destiny is changed at the end of the book, I’m not sure if this works out as I haven’t read it, also the Chalk is held by a few major characters in the second film but it only touches a major characters hand in the books at the very last section. It is weird how different the films are to the books, a lot of the plot is missing from the films, side angles etc, some of it you can tell comes from the book vaguely. For instance Anton in the subway those sections are pretty close. I ain’t sure whether after reading the Day Watch book I will feel any different, but I would like to leave you with this thought….

Has anyone ever made a book, or series of books into a film well enough. I’m not sure it has been done or could be done but I know this was an awesome two films even when they missed out a lot, maddening though it is to see half the story changed or missed out it was a great watch.

Read the books then watch the films, or not either way both have been a treat for me!


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