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MERLIN is Baaaaack!

Well tonight saw the return of Merlin, I thought I’d do a bit of a rant abot how excited I am that it is back. Please beware I may spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet so basically don’t read on if you still have to watch it!


The BBC broadcast started off by welcoming the show stating “morgana returns to camelot in the return of Merlin next”  or words to that effect. Well I for one am chomping at the bit, waiting to see the evil come out of Morgana in the new series. I am also looking forward to hopefully seeing Merlin make a few more risky magical moments.

Firstly in this episode I was expecting Morgana to just come waltzing back in to camelot, but it was a big search party for her, with a lot of knights getting slaughtered in the search because Uther cannot wait to have his deceptive little ward back. Gaius asks for it to be stopped but shortly after it is all irrelevant as Morgana stumbles into Arthur and his knights and is returned home safely. A little disappointed I must admit but I know they can’t have Morgana showing too much evil early on as she has to be discreet, its all part of the plan.

So Morgana returns and the plan is revealed slowly, she plays innocent and even seems to convince Merlin, she definitely works her charm on Arthur, Uther is easily bayed but her comments to merlin are classic, reminds me of Saddam Hussain on South Park movie. She has changed haha, trust me when I say it doesn’t last long, the plan is to poison Uther in a very speacial way, they are to make him go mad with fear, get at his very soul! Seeing them have mandrakes in it and the screaming brings back Harry Potter to mind, but this is a very different flavour, Uther’s first maddening incident comes when he goes to get some air and sees his dead wife in the well, collapsing to the stone floor he is found by a guard and rumours spread, the beauty of the plan revealed here is that the people will lose faith in Uther. Simple solution methinks is to get Arthur in charge as a temporary solution, but no that aint possible, Arthur has not the dishonour to usurp his father.

Thus confusion hits Camelot and Morgana and her Sister Morgose now look to find a rival king to build an army to take Camelot down. Morgose has a certain king under her spell so to speak and it  all seems set to be a crushing defeat. However Merlin tracks Morgana, but she is wise and leads him to a trap, cleverly done, though Merlin is made out to be a fool when he is supposed to be a really powerful magician, He is chained and left for some evil creatures to come and feast on but it is not the end for merlin, oh no magic couldn’t help him the chains wouldn’t budge and his magic wasn’t going to fend of so many creatures of the night. Hang on, wait Call for the dragon, here he comes, but surely there will be a price?

Who knows but the trailer for the next episode looked bloodthirsty, with Morgana and Merlin fighting, a battle going on with  flames everywhere. I still wonder though what might happen with the dragon, I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading, all comments welcome.



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  1. Sadly, season 2 was a little disappointing. But they DID rebound in season 3.

    Here is my take on season 3 with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested:

    January 21, 2011 at 4:42 am

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