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Merlin – *Spolilers* end of the two parter

Right so we have now see the first installment of Merlin in full, both parts….. If not please stop reading and go watch, unless you want to spoil it and read on.

Merlin is at the end of the last episode rescued by the dragon, leaving me wondering what will the dragon ask for in return, however I think we do not find out but he advises merlin. He gives him a lift and the theatricals on the flight are fun to watch, a happy moment in a thrilling episode. I watched in with a couple of friends, one of them doesn’t like this sort of thing, doesn’t understand or want to get into it but he sat and watched, might not have enjoyed but my other friend enjoyed it and I think we will watch the series regularly. I was pleased to see Merlin not reveal his powers but still use them against Morgana, it was a good time to use them and it was well hidden because Morgana would probably think it was the staff destroying the castle, she is very naive, but when she was announced to have thwarted the original attacker, a load of lies obviously I was gutted. I suppose it is expected as she is a main character.

The revelation that Morgana is Merlin’s dark side was interesting and I can’t wait to see how that develops, also what of Morgose and Morgana, will they still continue to co-operate or is Morgana now going to have to fight alone? Will Merlin ever use his magic openly in front of anyone other than Gaius. Is it possible that we would have to wait till the end of this series before Arthur is crowned king or even after? I am not bored of the suspense don’t get me wrong but I long to see some progress, they have given us a small taster with Arthur leading the battle and defense of Camelot but still there needs to be some change soon, not just Morgana being evil!

Thanks for reading.



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