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Merlin – Goblin Comedy Gold

I am back to comment on Merlin, the latest episode with the goblin in it. Well I am amazed, this episode was dark but funny, in fact I’d go as far as saying the funniest episode of Merlin to my memory. The goblin was mischevious, funny and evil, but it was the whole show that won me over. I think the whole story brought out the funny side in many characters, Arthur was left with donkey ears at one point, it was such a blast knowing that Gwen was scared and embarrassed about her flatulence earlier in the episode but she needn’t have worried after seeing Arthur in that state.

I am a little disappointed that Merlin still doesn’t tend to use his magic in front of certain people, I think he could have used it in front of Gwen, but I am grateful for the goblins evil manipulating summaries of both Merlin and Morgana, I hope it makes Morgana act a little wary around Gaius and maybe in the future we will see Merlin confess his magical abilities to someone special soon.

I loved the idea of the goblin possessing Gaius and the problems this posed Merlin with, I was laughing most of the way through but also gripped on the edge of my seat, this was in more ways than one a golden episode. I think it is obvious that things are going to be fun this series as well as dark. I hope we see more action packed antics next time round as I am waiting for every saturday night with eager anticipation. Love it keep it up BBC shame you only come out with a few good shows because this is worth the money taxpayers pay, but not on its own, pure GOLD!



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