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Crime City – Anything special to note?

Right then, I noticed people check out my blogs on facebook applications quite a bit, so while I’m on the subject I thought I’d let you all in on Crime City, click it to go to the application page. This will give you an idea of what it looks like.

Now the format is very similar to YoVille and other energy based games. I liked the idea so I thought I’d check it out, I’m a bit of a game tester at heart loving testing games out, but I like to do the easy mode on most things, can’t stand annoyingly hard games, facebook is a good bet for a simple game, does get boring sometimes. Basically, I have been playing it a few days maybe more and I am already at level 8, I would recommend however getting a few friends along for the ride though. The reason being you use friends to build up your gang/mafia, if you have no friends its going to be pretty basic and hard at times to enjoy. I have only one friend who plays it, which gives me an edge over a few people but I think I’m about to struggle as none of my friends are big on facebook games. Well one is, but hes the friend I have added.

So basically the idea is you do jobs, crime related, beating people up, robbing from shops, you have to do different areas and its all really simple. Some jobs as you get further on take more time attempts or you might need different equipment such as weapons. You have energy, obviously, then cash and diamonds for your money to buy things. You also have a hood, where you build buildings to bring in more money and you start with a steelworks, to produce steel, another resource used in the game. You eventually build a coffee shop to bring a little extra energy, All resources arrive on a timer. I suppose if you aren’t doing much and you’re wanting another game to  fill a gap where you ain’t playing or doing something else. Another distraction from what you should be doing, then this ain’t half bad.


I’d rate it 6.5/10 its not brilliant but its worth checking out for a while 🙂


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