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Space Explorer? – Check out Lacuna Expanse

Hey guys,

Right I thought I’d do a little blog about this new game that I am playing. Its called Lacuna Expanse, you can find it at

Well I have basically been playing around a week. I have always been a fan of space type things, exploration of such intrigues me. I am always hankering for a Dr Who game similar to this. So I thought I’d give it a go. Basically the first stage of the game is like a cross between sim city and age of empires. You build buildings, gather resources and populate the planet. Oh but I forgot to mention before you start you set some statistics for your empire to determine various bits and pieces, such as rate of growth, political prowess and orbits able to habit. I would call it your species information.

So you take that into the world of building up your planet. Now I like this bit but I am in it for the next phase, exploring space. Once you have built yourself a space port and a observatory you can send probes to monitor the stars around you. Now obviously it is time based so the further you travel with the probe the longer it takes information to reach you. I could do this sort of thing for ages. Really like the probing. Now that is as far as I have got.

The game has a forum and a chat, one thing I would note about chat though is on my browser IE8 you have to view unsecure content for chat to work. This may be fixed over time I don’t know. I also found the guide for creating your species on the site very useful, even if I did find it too late!

So please do check it out if it is your sort of thing and well if you want to find me and trade with me post a reply on this blog and maybe we can work something out. I’ll admit though I don’t think i’ll like the darker side of the game, not quite war but losing out on planets or getting attacked in certain sense of the word.


Thanks for reading,



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