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Snow Snow Snow

Right, time for people to hear my rant about the snow, wait it’s not really about the snow, it’s more about the affect the snow has on people in the UK. I don’t know about other countries but we suck at dealing with the snow. Snow seems to make most people grumble and moan, it slows the whole world down because of one reason, the world hopes it won’t be that bad, is not prepared and does not try hard enough to get around it. I myself find the transport in the snowy weather usually pretty ok. Since starting work in Batley though, I have to trek to Dewsbury on the train, no problems there and get a bus up to Batley. I could walk but I’m not 100% on the way and am not sure how long it would take. The bus I take is running on main roads and I get off on a main road anyway so that works for me. Seriously though, surely, the government know that this was going to happen. The weather is in patterns surely, it would be known that last year is now going to be the normal weather here in the UK. Seriously stock up on grit, get it stored then when winter comes we will have enough. Sweden is  country although I have not researched deep into it that I have heard have better cars for the snow, they know what they are doing, they are prepared. So why don’t we learn from them, not like we are far from where they are is it? So here I was catching up with a neighbour as I walked out this morning to go to work and I hear another school is closed, it is at the top of a hill and so its slippy with ice and they closed. OK safety first, but I know of a school on some small mountain for want of a better phrase that stayed open and kids trekked to school all prepared with proper boots and braved the treacherous weather to make it in to school. If you ask me schools close too early these days, for too little. I have to go into work or work from home using flexi-time in adverse weather conditions, or take annual leave, for something I cannot control, so don’t get me wrong I would love the days off work, but if I can get about so can anyone else, you just need to prepare yourself. Community spirit is all we need in times like this, help each other out!

Anyway thanks for reading



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