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Big Ups to Tom Cosm

Now I am a big fan of helping new producers and all the dabblers in  the music world. I am a big fan of tutorials, online videos in particular and I saw something on a forum that made me have to spread the word even more about this guy.

TOM COSM, he is a legend, a great inspriation, a tutor of great skill and a talented musical mind. I have been following some of his tutorials and have always learned something. I may not always have used it much but it was always fun to play around with the techniques and samples used. I only wish that I could afford to support him more and gain more by becoming a pro member, thats right a pro member and get more.

Tom, has his own musical community on his website full of talented musical minds. He allows anyone to join for free, you can sign in using facebook too. Then you can view and download all the free stuff. He has a good selection of freebies and a wide range of videos on youtube for you all to enjoy. Tom is a guy who well likes to share in the wealth of music as far as I’m concerned, bit of pioneer for the glitchy sound too 🙂 Now I can’t support Tom by becoming a pro member, because I haven’t got the money at the moment. Maybe in the new year I will become a pro member, I have a birthday coming up in march and maybe someone will kindly let me dip into his pro member area for a month.

So yeah Tom Cosm, big ups to you! By the way don’t just take my word for it Computer Music #158 November 2010 has a small bit of a plug for Tom, its the one with Orchestral Extremes on the front cover. Thanks to a certain someone on the forum for that tip.

So check him out website is HERE

Thanks for reading



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