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So This is the New Year . . . . .

So this is the new year….. I don’t feel any different…… that is so so true, pretty good tune too, So This is The New Year by Deathcab for Cutie.

So yeah what is all the fuss about new year, people making fresh starts, why not start at any time, just do it because your ready, not because of some time point that happens to make that sort of thing traditional. Well this year I am going to try so hard to push myself into my musical side, get lost in beats, writing, composing and djing. I hope it will pay off but I must admit I already seen problems on the horizon. Money, I will not be on a monthly salary soon. Admittedly I will have built my first website for a client soon, admittedly this isn’t going to cover the whole year but it will give me something to show what I can do and a network will slowly form.

So all of you who are planning to do so much this year, good luck. All of you not, well how realistic of you not to set any goals because reality is most people do struggle with new years resolutions, to be honest this year, i don’t think I even felt like it had arrived, same with bonfire night and christmas, oh well, always later this year, maybe I will appreciate this year more 😀

All the best to all my readers for the new year. Keep your eyes peeled for music and sets from me, DJ Pixc aka Noroch 🙂

thanks for reading!



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