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So New Year celebrations are over, The cold that threatened to break me, has finally arrived to dampen my spirits. However the show must go on. Some copying of code done and a bit of testing on the website. Now the waiting game, so here I am.

Well I am about to embark on a journey of psytrance discovery to find artists/tunes i would like to dj with my new toy. A Numark Mixtrack Pro, got it just before christmas and had a few sessions on it but I think I need to get  a wider range of tunes for a few styles, also a bit of organisation is needed to get a proper set going. I’m looking for more moments of bliss when two tracks just flow like no other, i had one such moment mixing at Beaumont Street Studios with Stephy – Through the Monsoon and a Dark by Design track I think it was STFU, but its those moments that keep you going!

Currently I have a few favourite artists and tracks in mind to develop from, first of all Switch, in particular his psytrance tracks, “Crank it up” and also “Blow your speakers”. For the record though I have a friend who plays these tracks out a fair bit so I need to find more tunes. Koxbox, another artist I’m really liking at the moment so we shall see how things go.

Before i wrap this entry up though by asking a little question. Presuming, is this not to do with probability, therefore, one has to guess based on what we know and what we think others may know. Also to think about all possible conclusions and make a rough guess, obviously this might not be correct but that is the nature of a presumption is it not?

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